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The world has focus on international education in order to enhance national human resources, international competitive advantage after globalization. To construct a good foreign language learning environment, and to promote internationalization of schools in Kaohsiung city, Bureau Education of Kaohsiung City government had built English villages in 18 schools in 2008. Besides, we hire the foreign teachers from Fulbright Scholarship Award from United States to teach English in elementary schools which is supplemented by planning “KIVEW English Village Study Tour” which makes 5th grade students are free to experience the English Village for study tour. In addition, the English teaching material website, foreign teacher workshop, English Friend Shop (EFS), and other facilities had been built to increase the effectiveness of international education.

In order to promote the International Education Program in Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung International Education Resource Center (KIERC) had been established in SanMing Elementary School in 2008.

To promote the internationalization of all schools in Kaohsiung City, KIERC operates four centers which are in coordination with the mid-range international education plans in the city in order to accomplish the missions of main objectives.


1. Missions

There are nine missions in the KIERC

1.) To present the annual proposal of KIERC

2.) To plan the English teachers assistant programs.

3.) To plan and implement Global Village English world Programs.

4.) To collect and integrate international education resources of Kaohsiung city

5.) To provide coordination of international education exchanges, consulting, counseling and support services

6.) To promote international education, learning and development activities.

7.) To develop and maintain information website of international education in Kaohsiung City.

8.) To compile the results of international education.

9.) Other international activities.

2. Execution Strategy

KIERC estimates the needs of all proposals, policy plans, and communication coordination, and then divide the proposals into programs plan, international education resources and resource websites.

KIERC fully accepts the policy guidance Education Bureau, offers consulting services to elementary schools, secondary schools, teachers, students, and international organizations during the period of implementing the proposals. Moreover, KIERC announce policy statements, conferences, and annual reports every year.

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  • Chairperson: HSIEH, WEN-PIN
  • Deputy Chairman: Ms. ZENG
  • Deputy Chairman: Mr. CHANG
  • Executive Director: Ms. WU
  • Chief of International Exchange: Ms. CHAO
  • Chief of Data Manage: Mary CHI


80748 高雄市三民區建國三路216號
216, Chien Kuo 3rd Rd. Kaohsiung 807, Taiwan, R.O.C.
E-mail: khedu.kierc@gmail.com